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Salary increases after 12 month service
Shop Grading Payments
Head Office secondment schemes
Online Sign-up Payments
Discounted Medical Insurance (IRE only)
Employee Assistant Programme
Share Save Scheme
Apprenticeship Scheme (UK only)

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What do our colleagues think?

  • Dennis Rawlins -

    I started my Paddy Power Journey back in 2013. During my time here I have progressed to Shop Manager, developing both my customer relations and people management along the way. What really stands out is how Paddy Power cares about its staff. I fully enjoy my role and the ownership and responsibilities that go along with it, from dealing with a bet related query and keeping on top of the ever-changing Industry trends to planning Shop operations.

    Top Tip on how to progress? Prioritise customer service and know your business, but most of all, have good time keeping.

  • Amos Guirguis -

    Before I joined Paddy Power, I had previous experience in the industry and so I understood the importance of capitalising on the market share in your localised area. Today I am the Shop Manager of one of our Grade 4 shops, which is a great achievement. What I enjoy about working for Paddy Power is how you are trusted to manage your team and manage shop operations autonomously. This allows managers to get the best out of their team as well as being commercially savvy, even if it’s an ad-hoc promotion being ran in your shop only.

    Top Tip on how to progress? Paddy Power’s Senior Management team are always aspiring to help team members progress through the company. My advice would be to create your own action plan and build a strong relationship with your Manager for them to support you in your endeavours.

  • Ashraful Alam -

    I Joined the business in 2014 and within three years I progressed from Cashier to Shop Manager. As Shop Manager I regularly promote new offers in a competitive market, which means analysing the competition. I handle difficult situations daily and I love the challenge, what I find even more rewarding is the training and development of my team. You always have the help and necessary support from your Senior Managers at Paddy Power.

    Top Tip on how to progress? If you are organised, disciplined and self-motivated it’s just a matter of time until you see success in your role and reach your goals.

  • Patricia McCarthy -

    I joined Paddy Power in 2014 and today I am a Senior Shop Manager! The added responsibility helps me to stay motivated and thrive in my role and as an individual. Paddy Power has always been a fun and friendly company to work for and this important, as we face many challenges every day. If I were to describe myself in three words it would be: Leader, Motivator and Diligent.

    Top Tip on how to progress? If you are hard-working there are many opportunities available, both in your career and from a personal perspective.

  • Catalina Stroe -

    I started my Paddy Power journey in 2017 and I still love it as much as my first day. I have obtained many valuable skills in leadership, commerciality and adaptability. The culture and values at Paddy Power encourage me to try new things, seeking out new and exciting opportunities within the retail environment.

    Top Tip on how to progress? Show you are curious and passionate, demonstrating you have a strong work ethic while not taking yourself too seriously is key. Good luck!

  • Lisa Lawrence -

    My Paddy Power journey started in 2006 and I have not looked anywhere else since. It didn’t take me long to realise how amazing this company is, I love the culture, the banter and the customers. I discovered how important it is to feel like you belong somewhere and for that I would like to thank Paddy Power.

    I have met some amazing people on my career path here at Paddy Power and I hope this continues within my Paddy Power journey.

    Top Tip on how to progress? Opportunities are readily available so when you see them grab them with both hands, work hard and have fun!

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